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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

For My Family - Thank You

Thank you Liam

Thank you Liam for filling my life with joy, energy, enthusiam and teaching me to overcome stubbornness.

Unbridled joy. That is Liam!

Thank you for showing me

  • How to live and love the moment
  • How to laugh like nobody cares
  • How to be a little boy having fun when the world seems so damned determined to make things otherwise

Thank you Jenna

Thank you for being strong during those times your mother and I are not so much.  Thank you for all those times you reach out and invite me back to the camp fire when I isolate myself

Jenna is always up for trying anything once.  I love that about her

Thank you for showing me
  • Strength - Jenna you are my hero in so many ways, you teach me over and over its not the cards you are dealt but the cards you play that matter
  • Forgiveness and mercy and joy
  • Caring and compassion
  • For teaching me its GOOD to be SILLY

Thank you Kyla

Thank you for your love, trust, support and straight honest talk.

Thank you for making it great when things are going great.

And thank you for working on it with me when things are not so great.

Thank you for overcoming, and being positive when I am dour.

You truly are the other half of me.  Waited almost 40 years to meet you but it was worth it.

Thank you for this

And our "Get aways"

And our "Firsts"

And our "Adventures"

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  1. This is wonderful. Say it all the time and savour it daily and hourly and every second.


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