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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Provocation Marketing in the Blog-O-Sphere, a Trial Case

I have talked about provocation marketing so much on my page I thought it was worth doing once to see if my suspicions were correct.

Most drama is, I think, engineered by one or both bloggers.  Its a traffic generation cycle.

Having watched various popular blogs for some time I have noticed a pattern.

So I thought I would put it to the test and found myself a suitable hot head, and wrote an article.


Which generated this response


Which resulted in traffic for me!

41 viewers I would not have had otherwise, even got a few likes on the page.

Experiment in provocation based marketing seems successful...  resulting in my latest post being one of the most read on my blog, a couple of new likes on my FB page, lots of empathy and support from my awesome readers.

One of my more read posts 
How often do I want to repeat this cycle til I R famous?

Likely never again, fun as it was, those who need what I have to say will find me without continuing to employ such negative, provocation based tactics.

But as an experiment it worked out quite well.  Anthony responded perfectly in the perfectly predictable way.

Please remember, everyone on the net has an angle, turf to protect, and deep down we can sometimes just be attention whores ;)


  1. But you are right--keto athletes DO exist! In fact, Ben Greenfield just announced on his latest LLVLC podcast (http://www.thelivinlowcarbshow.com/shownotes/7914/682-guest-hosts-ben-greenfield-and-brock-on-the-dangers-of-extreme-carb-restriction/) that he's going total keto while he trains for and participates in an Iron Man Canada competition.

    I listened to the show to find out the dangers of extreme low-carbing, and all I got from it was maybe my joints will get dried out--but isn't that why we eat gelatin and animal fat?

    1. Everyone is afraid of zero carb, I really don't get the fear, if its not working for you stop and eat a potato.. LOL

      High carb diets have dangers for some of us too... SIBO, IBS, GERD, Diabetes, etc..

  2. lol Danny. All I can do is shake my head at the overreaction lmao. btw my brother eats all meat (maybe an egg once in a while, absolutely no carbs), his multiple myeloma cancer is almost completely in remission for several years now with no medications (just his diet) and he is an avid cyclist who does all day cycling events all the time with no carb loading at the age of 55. I think competitive athletes are not worthy of much attention when it comes to us normal people and they end up dying just as readily as we do of all the same things we die from. But hey, it's just my opinion and I'm definitely entitled to having one.

    1. Thanks your post made my day and I will send best wishes for your brother's ongoing health recovery!

  3. Marketing generally look after a particular brand in a company, they are in charge of taking the brand forward in terms of the overall strategy this can mean PR/Above the line etc but also reporting to the MM, whereas the Marketing Manager looks after the marketing of brand(s) and in a big company that can mean multiple brands.

    1. I could not disagree more.

      That is in incredibly limited way to look at marketing and completely denies its role in the blog-o-sphere by its very defination.

      Marketing is so much more than that, does not require "a brand" at all. But if it does, then your blog can easily qualify as a brand.

  4. hi danny,

    do not hesitate to post some news, few keto athlete blog are available and we want to know how good it still works and of course what are your news since we like you



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